Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Red Pony book report

The Red Pony was written by John Steinbeck.  It was published in 1945.  Its setting is on a mountainous farm in California.  The main characters are Jody, his father, mother, Billy Buck, and Jody's grandfather.  His mother takes care of the house, Jody's father and Billy Buck run the farm, and his grandfather liked to tell stories of when he brought the people to the west.

The story starts when Jody is about to get a horse.  The weather starts to get bad when it keeps raining.  It never stops raining!  Then it doesn't for a while.  Jody doesn't know whether it is going to rain or not. He asks Billy Buck who is supposed to always get things right, and he's wrong!  It rains and the pony gets sick.

I really liked the book.  But to me the chapters are really long.  My favourite character is Jody because he is the main character.  This story is one of my favourites because it has spots where you just have to know what's going to happen.  I recommend that you should read it.

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