Monday, February 13, 2012

Different Kinds of Pizza

Do you like pizza?  There are many types of pizza in the world.  There are tons of popular pizzas in the world.   I can't talk about all of them because there are so many!   Some of the most interesting kinds of pizzas that I found are: Tomato Pie, Hawaiian Pizza, and Greek Pizza.

Tomato Pie is a pizza with a big tomato flavor.  It is Italian bread sprinkled with cheese and then covered in tomato sauce.  You can buy it in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Delaware.  Found in Sicilian-American communities, Tomato Pie is circular and served at room temperature or reheated.  I haven't tried it yet, but I think I'd like it.

Hawaiian Pizza has lots of toppings and is delicious!  Invented in Ontario, Canada, it is made with cheese, tomato sauce, pineapple, and ham.  Hawaiian Pizza is the only pizza I know with this many toppings.  Some varieties have peppers, mushrooms, and bacon mixed in.  It is the most popular pizza in Australia.  Hawaiian Pizza is my favourite kind of pizza.

Greek Pizza has the strangest toppings.  Greek Pizza is a pizza with Greek toppings.  It also has a special crust that is usually quite oily and has feta cheese, onions, Kalamata olives, green bell peppers, gyros meat, and spinach as toppings.  It is round, but you won't find it in Italian restaurants.  You need to go to Greek restaurants to find it.

Do you like any of these kinds of pizzas?  I really want to try Tomato Pie and Greek Pizza.  Hawaiian Pizza is so good, just looking at a picture of it made me hungry!  I hope that one of the types of pizza that I told you about are one of your favourites.  Different varieties of pizza can be very interesting.  Why not read about some?  Or go to a restaurant, or pizza place and try some other pizzas than what you usually get.

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Jakob said...

Yes I do like pizza. I like deep dish stile.