Monday, November 7, 2011

Conserve Animals

Do you love animals?  I do!  I like animals so much that I would do zoology for most of the day if I could!  I think that poaching is one of the worst things in the world.

Animals are very fun to watch, and I know this because I love animals.  For example, it is fun to watch my fish zip across the tank.  The red-tailed shark is classified as extinct in the wild!  If an animal is extinct then it is impossible to watch.

If one animal disappears from the ecosystem the whole ecosystem might go wild!  For example, fish clean hippos in the water , and birds clean it on land.  If hippos disappear those animals might disappear as well!

Tons and tons of animals are endangered.  There are so many that you would probably need a 1000 page book to cover them all!  Animals are becoming more endangered by the day.

Now do you like animals?  You probably won't like them as much as I.  Even if you don't like animals, tell the government to ban poaching.  Please, go to World and see what you can do.

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