Monday, May 23, 2011

Reasons to have fish as pets

Once I went to the fish store for the first time.  And I was amazed at how many different kinds of fish there were.  It was so hard to decide.  So hard that I picked an expert level fish! I think fish are the best pets in the world.
Watching fish is a lot of fun, because they rush up to eat when you feed them.  And I like to watch them zoom across the tank.  Corydoras are fun to watch because they hurry up to the top of the tank to get air.

There are hundreds of different fish to put in different kinds of tanks.  So far I've kept Yellow Lab Cichlids, Albino Zebra Cichlids, Guppies, Mollies, Marble Hatchetfish, Swordtails, Corydoras, and Platys.  You can keep fish from Piranhas to Goldfish.  And I'm not going to keep Piranhas or Pacus!

And finally, fish are the easiest pets to take care of.  Because all you need to do is feed them, clean out their tank, and care for diseases if they have any.  Feeding fish is easy.  You just put in a few pinches of food.  And curing diseases are very easy too.  You just need to buy the right cure and follow the instructions.

There is so much still for me to learn.  And I'm looking forward to learning it.  Now, do you think fish are the best pets in the world?  I still like going to the fish store as much as the first time I went there.  


Kaylee said...

Hello Elijah,
I love your blog. It is very interesting.

It sounds like you have learned a lot of cool things about fish. If I were to get a fish you would be The person I would go to first!
nice blog
-Kaylee :)

Ms. Tatiana said...

Fish are pretty fun! We had cichlids for a long time and what surprised me is this: fish can have personality!

Keep up your blogging! You're doing a great job!

Luke said...

I have a pet fish of my own. When I feed it food, it zooms up to the top and zooms back down then back up, then back down. It keeps on doing this until all the food is gone.

christopher said...

I would like to have a fish but my Mom won't let me as I already have 3 dogs, 2 cats, 1 goat and 8 rabbits. We also have four cows which are pregnant! I enjoyed your post. I blog about some of my pets too.