Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Boston Tea Party

Long ago, the English made the Americans pay a tax for almost everything. But when the Americans started to get angry, the English decided to remove all the taxes, except for the tax on tea. The Americans were still angry. They yelled, “We don’t care about the few dollars of taxes we have to pay, we care about how we are being treated, England! You’re treating us as slaves by deciding to tax us without any of us having a say about it!”

So when a ship stuffed full of tea crates was arriving at Boston, the Americans decided that the tea would never be brought ashore. When the ship landed, an Indian war-cry was heard. The Indians ran up, brandishing their weapons and boarding the ship, while the frightened sailors just stood back watching. The Indians came out of the hold struggling under the weight of the tea crates. Then, they tossed them into the ocean.

The Indians lined up and then everyone found that the Indians were actually men from Boston. On the way back, they passed the house that Admiral Montague was staying at for the night. He decided that the Americans didn't need to pay the tax for the tea anymore. The Americans took one big step towards liberty.

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