Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Face That Launched a Thousand Ships

Paris returned to his father's powerful city of Troy, once he arrived he was crowned prince. His father then sent him to Tyre, and on his way back he went through Greece. He didn’t know what trouble and suffering this would cause.

In Greece lived the fairest woman in the world. Her name was Helen and she was married to king Menelaus. When Paris saw her, he fell in love, stole her, and took her to Troy.

Menelaus sent a message to Troy, “Give me back my wife peacefully or I will wage war on you!” But the Trojans said that they wouldn’t give up the most beautiful woman in the world for one, small, measly, king of Greece.

Agamemnon was the king of the very rich city Mycenæ. His deeds and fame were told throughout the country, and every king of Greece looked to him for help. Now after king Agamemnon saw his brother Menelaus’ armies being defeated by the powerful Trojans, he vowed to gather the forces of Greece together and defeat Troy. Then Agamemnon said, ‘If all the kings of Greece unite, we can overcome the Trojans, and you can gain great riches.’

They all joined together, and destroyed all of Troy’s allies, but they couldn’t defeat Troy. They stayed for years. But at the ninth year, there was a plague. That killed more people than the Trojans ever did.

                                                 To be continued later….

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