Monday, October 21, 2013

The Frogs Want a King

The frogs were living happily with no one ruling them, and nobody bothered them.  But some of the frogs thought that this way of living wasn't right, and they wanted a king.  So they decided to go and ask Jove for the king that they wanted.  When they told him, he laughed and threw a huge log into their pond.  The frogs jumped out of their skins and ran away from the log.  Later, one of the bravest frogs jumped on it and started dancing.  They saw that the log wasn't harmful.  Then the frogs asked Jove for a better king that would actually rule over them, not just sit there.  Jove got angry and put a stork there in their pond that ate the frogs.

                                                      Better no rule than cruel rule

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