Friday, October 19, 2012

The Sinking of the Titanic

First, twenty minutes before midnight an iceberg was spotted straight in the Titanic’s path.  William Murdoch, the first officer, commanded them to turn the ship left.  But it collided with the iceberg less than a minute after it was spotted.  The sharp side of the iceberg cut the right side of the ship open!

Then, a distress signal was launched at 12:50 AM.  Ships received the Titanic’s distress signal, but were too far away. The closest one, the Carpathia, responded but was four hours away.  The shipline official said, “We are confident that there will be no loss of life”.

Afterwards, they started launching the first lifeboats at 1:10 AM.  But the passengers were unwilling to leave the ship and a large amount said, “This ship cannot sink; it is only a question of waiting until another ship comes up and takes us off”.  Then, the deck started to sink, and more travelers left the Titanic.  Captain Smith went down with the ship, but he said to the officers, “You have done your duty, boys. Now every man for himself”.

After, water smashed the windows and poured into the bridge.  The Titanic’s front plunged under the water.  The back later sank at 2:20 AM.  But only one lifeboat returned for people stranded in the water.

Finally, the Carpathia arrived at 4:10 AM. It stayed picking up passengers until 8:50 AM, and then set out for New York.

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