Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Fish Story

In large groups fish are good under the water. And Yellow Labs are one of the best.

One day Epsilon went for a swim but she strayed too far and guess what she found?  A grouper! 

He was rushing toward her and was about to bite her. The grouper's jaws went snap at Epsilon.

But because of her speed she escaped the large jaws of the grouper and swam home to her parents through a tunnel that connected the ocean to Elijah's fish tank. The grouper chased her through the tunnel and got stuck in the small opening into the fish tank.

The grouper snapped his jaws open and close while Epsilon zipped happily around the tank.  An Albino Zebra Cichlid went to the opening and bit the grouper.  Then the grouper swam away.

The End

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Marlis said...

Oh my! It seems you have African Cichlids. We do too. My husband has wayyyy to many tanks with fish from several of the great African Rift Lakes. I like your story, thanks for posting it for all to read.