Friday, March 5, 2010

The Roblox Gear.

One day Friendly was doing an obstacle course on Roblox.  He met a player named Baddy at the lava jumps. Baddy lost his gear the last time he played an adventure game. 

"I want to go," shouted Friendly.

"Ok," said Baddy.  "But be careful."

 "I will," said Friendly.

 Friendly went to a place called Explore The World.  He got in a car and he didn't go very far before he found someone using gear. He saw the player playing a guitar but Friendly kept on going straight.  Before long he came to a cave. There was a talking brick at the entrance that said "the road leads in the cave."  

Friendly went in the cave.  It wasn't long before he came to the end. When he got to the end he was surprised there was a volcano in front of him. He got out of his car and climbed the volcano.  When he got to the top there was Baddy's gear.  Friendly picked up the gear.  But Friendly didn't know that Baddy was on the other side of the volcano. Then there was trouble.  There was smoke coming out of the volcano.  Friendly was running down the volcano, but the volcano was pouring lava. Friendly yelled ''Run with me! The volcano is going to erupt!'' 

Friendly and Baddy ran all the way back to the lava jumps. Friendly gave Baddy the gear, but Baddy said Friendly could keep the gear.  Baddy would buy more because Friendly saved him.  And from that day on Friendly didn't like volcanoes.

The End

Click here for how to make a talking brick.

Go to to play the game.


Daddy said...

wi did bade saa you kan kep it

Daddy said...

wi did bade give the gear to frendle

Eclectic Homeschoolers said...

luke said...
haw did bade get to the uthr siyd

Eclectic Homeschoolers said...